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Empire 25" Medium Spirit Steel Vent Free Gas Stove (25,000 BTU)

Empire 25" Medium Spirit Steel Vent Free Gas Stove (25,000 BTU)

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A Vent-Free system uses room air for combustion and delivers 99.9% of the available heat energy directly to the room. Vent-Free systems have an unmatched safety record, thanks in part to their clean-burning technology and their Oxygen Depletion Sensor, which instantly shuts off the valve if oxygen in the room drops to and unsafe level. Because no venting is required, Vent-Free systems offer more installation options.

Vent-Free systems are limited to 40,000 Btu and must be operated as supplemental heating sources in conjunction with a central furnace that circulates air.


  • Unmatched efficiency – 99.9%
  • Offers the most installation versatility
  • Usually less expensive to buy and to install
  • Can operate with a remote or thermostat
  • Most systems can provide live-saving heat during a winter power outage

Empire Steel Stoves

Empire vent-free steel stoves showcase Empire's contour burner system. This modern design features clean lines and an extended ember bed for added glow. The Spirit Series is offered in 2 sizes, allowing versitility for a range of room spaces. The hand painted ceramic fiber log set creates a realistic effect that brings the warmth and comfort to your home.


  • 6-piece Log Set


  • Up to 25,000 BTUs
  • Contour Burner
  • Clean lines & modern design
  • Millivolt Control with On/Off Switch
  • Intermittent Pilot Control with On/Off Switch


Model VFD30MS
Dimensions 27 7/8 H x 25 1/5 W x 15 5/8 D
Venting Type Vent Free
Fuel Type Natural Gas / Propane
Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Maximum
Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Minimum (Propane) 21,000
Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Maximum (Natural) 25,000
Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Minimum (Natural) 17,500


Ceiling 36 inches
Back Wall 2 inches
Side Wall 6 inches
Adjacent Corner Wall 4 inches

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