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Empire 28" Medium Spirit Steel Direct Vent Gas Stove

Empire 28" Medium Spirit Steel Direct Vent Gas Stove

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A Direct-Vent system uses two vent pipes. One draws air in from outdoors to support combustion. The other exhausts the by-products of combustion to the outside. The two vent pipes may be concentric (exhaust pipe within a larger diameter intake pipe) or co-linear (separate pipes of about the same size).

Combustion takes place inside a sealed chamber – with a glass front in the 
case of a fireplace. Room air circulates around the combustion chamber, often assisted by a blower, to heat the room.

A DV system is often installed along an outside wall to simplify the vent run, 
but can also be installed elsewhere in the home and vented through the roof.


  • Good efficiency – 60 to 80%
  • Good heat output with thermal transfer through the glass and air circulation
  • Separates room air from combustion air
  • May be used as primary heat source
  • Can operate with a remote or thermostat
  • Most systems can provide life-saving heat during a winter power outage

Empire Steel Stoves

Our direct vent steel stoves showcase Empire's slope glaze burner system. This modern design features clean lines and an extended ember bed for added glow. The Spirit Series is offered in 2 sizes, allowing versitility for a range of room spaces. The hand painted ceramic fiber log set creates a realistic effect that brings the warmth and comfort to your home.

Direct-Vent Spirit Stoves (DVP)

Direct-Vent Spirit Stoves include Empire’s Slope Glaze Burner system with expanded ember bed for extra glow. Ceramic beads within the burner swirl and tumble the gas to create naturally swirling flames that are indistinguishable from a wood fire. Topped off with the hand-painted ceramic fiber log set and glowing embers, the effect is stunningly realistic and guaranteed to keep you and your guests mesmerized for hours.


  • Upto 26,500 BTU's
  • Steel construction
  • Slope glaze burner
  • Millivolt with On/Off Switch
  • Intermittent Pilot with On/Off Switch
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane


  • 4-piece Log Set
  • Fireplace Barrier Screen


  • 45-Degree Elbow
  • RCK20 Replacement Control Cover required for RVKN or RVKP





    27 3/4" (H) x 28 1/4" (W) x 18" (D)


    4x6 5/8" (Use Black where visible)

    Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Max (Propane)


    Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Min (Propane)


    Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Max (Natural Gas)


    Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Min (Natural Gas)



    Top of appliance (ceiling) 36 inches
    Back Wall 2 inches
    Side Wall 6 inches
    Adjacent Corner Wall 4 inches

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