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Empire 40" Rushmore See-Through Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Empire 40" Rushmore See-Through Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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A Direct-Vent system uses two vent pipes. One draws air in from outdoors to support combustion. The other exhausts the by-products of combustion to the outside. The two vent pipes may be concentric (exhaust pipe within a larger diameter intake pipe) or co-linear (separate pipes of about the same size).

Combustion takes place inside a sealed chamber – with a glass front in the 
case of a fireplace. Room air circulates around the combustion chamber, often assisted by a blower, to heat the room.

A DV system is often installed along an outside wall to simplify the vent run, 
but can also be installed elsewhere in the home and vented through the roof.


  • Good efficiency – 60 to 80%
  • Good heat output with thermal transfer through the glass and air circulation
  • Separates room air from combustion air
  • May be used as primary heat source
  • Can operate with a remote or thermostat
  • Most systems can provide life-saving heat during a winter power outage

The Rushmore

With its massive log set, deep ember bed, dual burner and huge ceramic glass front, the Rushmore is one great-looking fireplace, but what you can’t see makes this fireplace even more impressive.

Empire’s TruFlame Technology ensures maximum flames and ember glow with minimum emissions.

The system starts with independently controlled front and rear burners set in a large ember bed.

The burners create a tall lively fire that dances and curls around the hand-painted ceramic fiber logs – generating a continuous tableau of flame shapes and light patterns.

Rushmore 40 See-Through

Rushmore’s product line up is growing! Combining a see-through unit with Tru-Flame technology allows the most realistic flame to be enjoyed in two rooms of any home.

The Rushmore 40 See-Through features a dual burner that creates a lively fire, InvisiMesh that provides a crystal clear 40-inch viewing area, and an optional stainless steel outdoor kit that can add comfort to any outdoor seating area.


  • Up to 60,500 BTUs
  • Ceramic Glass: 31 1/2 H x 37 3/8 W


  • Fine Mesh Barrier
  • Non-Combustible Board
  • Multi-Function remote to control
    • Front and rear burner 6-step variable flame height
    • Independent Rear burner on/off (70% turn down)
    • Accent lighting on/off with 6-step dimming
  • TruFlame Technology
    • Catalyst allows large flame
    • extensive ember bed and clean burn


  • Liner
  • Log Set


Model DVCT40CSP95
Actual Dimensions 47 1/2" H x 57 1/4" W x 24 3/16" D
Framing Dimensions 59" H x 57 3/4" W x 23 1/2" D
Fuel Type Natual Gas / Propane
Vent Type Direct Vent
Ignition Type Electronic Ignition with Multi-Function Remote
Installation Type Zero Clearance
Style See-Through
Vent Inner Diameter 5 Inches
Vent Outer Diameter 8 Inches
Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Max/Min (Propane) 55,000/26,000
Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Max/Min (Natural Gas) 60,500/16,500

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